Hello,  welcome to my blog! My name is Alondra Celeste, I am a twenty something year old from Texas. I am a college student getting closer in obtaining a History degree. I am an introvert at best, wanderlust at heart, geek with might, spiritual with my all, spreading positive thinking, this blog is my letter to the world.

It's been an entire year since this blog started, this journey has truly been one of the best experiences of my life. Blogging makes me happy and has become a part of me that I can only keep exploring and expanding. I have ideas, I have plans, I have dreams for this blog and I will keep going as long as someone out there is reading.

A Word With: This is a new blog series coming 2017 where I will be sharing random fun interviews and chats with fellow bloggers or interesting people.

Life Thoughts: Here I write my more personal stories, deep thoughts, or things I am experiencing on a more personal level than the rest of my posts. 

The College Diaries: This is a monthly diary were I write about my college experience, a little bit of geeking, a little bit of rant, a little bit of the roller coaster that is being a student. 

Some Of My Favorite Posts:

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy, stick around and follow for more.